Bee Club Apiary Final removal of supers and Honey Extraction. as well as Mite treatment Field Day.

Bee Club Honey Extraction Day.PART 2 Saturday August 20th 10:00 Am to Late 7:00 Pm.
We will be pulling supers of honey and extracting them.
We are meeting up in the bee yard. Saturday August 20th. starting at about 10:00 to 7:00.
We will cover different options for removing bees from the supers from shake & bee brush, escape boards, to blowers and fume boards. And will be applying some of the options in removing the bees from our supers.
We will be applying mite treatments at this time also to ensure the mite loads have little effect on the winter bee population
The supers will then be moved into the container to be extracted. We can discuss different uncapping methods and extractors to removing honey from flow hive frames. We generate enough power from our solar panels and battery banks to run the extractor during the day. We will be testing the moisture content of the honey as well as cover straining and filtering options.
We will be checking the moisture content as well and can have a discussion on labeling requirements. For your selling market.
It will be a hot day, but we have shade tents, and lots of chairs. We will have water on hand but bring your lunch and spend day, or stop by for a couple of hours.
The bee club apiary is on Spiers rd. To get there drive east on KLO Rd. cross Mission Creek bridge and turn right onto Spiers rd. about 300 meters down, turn left into field we are at the south end.