Bee Hive Irradiation (New)

Hive Irradiation
If you have combs from questionable sources or do not know its history.
Have had brood diseases like AFB, EFB, Chalkbrood, Sac Brood, Nosema, the new
mystery disease (Dead bees look wet and black in colour) Brood frame sterilization is an
100 % effective way to kill these viruses and spoors.
Our area rep Rick Plantinga, applied for IAF funding on behalf of beekeepers in the
Okanagan, Shuswap to help offset the cost for individual beekeepers and to meet minimum
super runs. There is a minimum cost of $750.00 for each shipment and $7.50 for each. We
have received funding of $6.00 per hive and each beekeeper is responsible for the
remainder and preparation costs etc. which we anticipate will be 5.00 per super for
transport to Port Coquitlam and wrapping.
The truck leaves Tuesday next week so, last chance to get your supers included in this spring
shipment. And save 50% or more off the cost.
To arrange drop off or for more information see other Facebook posts or contact:

Richard Plantinga; Kelowna drop-off.

Keith Rae; Vernon drop-off.

Here is a new link to Hive Irradiation document: CLICK HERE