September 14, 2020 Bee Meeting At College Apiary 26 people in attendance

Keith welcomed all to the meeting, and indicated some hand sanitizer for everyone’s use. Any newcomers who are interested in being added to the email list should go to the club web page and send a message to James Atzesberger.

He then introduced Tim Boumeester, who is the Bee Inspector, covering the area from Penticton to the Bennett Bridge in Kelowna. Tim and Stephanie’s services are free to all beekeepers.  People were advised to contact Tim or Stephanie if they spot anything suspicious, and once inspected if the information needs to be forwarded on they’ll take care of it.

The March 16th Minutes were moved as adopted by Rick Plantinga, and seconded by James Wainright.  Passed

Keith encouraged everyone to join the BCHPA for $40, which would give them 4  issues of BeeScene, access to labels for their honey, Liability Insurance ($70.00 would give you a 5 Million Dollar policy), and many other benefits.  You can register online at .

Our Facebook site has just under 370 members and is being used with questions, items for sale, equipment, nucs, hives, and if help is needed.  If you’d like to post items you can contact James or Keith.

Rick Plantinga gave a Regional Report.  All conferences are only on Zoom – and the Annual meeting has been cancelled until next year.  There will be an ad in the next BeeScene regarding Hoodies, hats etc. that will have the ‘100Th Anniversary of the BCHPA’ on them.  The BCHPA and the Honey Council are banding together to prove what Canadian honey is made of … proving it’s 100% pure honey.  Neonicatantoids are now banned in Europe, but are still being used in Canada and the US because the farmers need it for their crops.

Rick mentioned that in November the BCHPA will have a Zoom meeting that anyone can attend.  Also – the murder hornets are in Washington state, but are not yet in BC.  Paul Van Westendorp will test your bees for disease – unlike other livestock testing, the tests for bee disease is a free service to us.  Hive beetles are also in Washington state, but have been eradicated from BC.