Apiary Hive Inspections – Saturday, June 26th 10:00 am

Apiary Hive Inspections. Sat, June 26th 10:00 am

A few have spoken and filled in the poll of when to host the next bee yard hive inspection. The popular choice is Saturday June 26th starting at 10:00 a.m., at our club apiary on Spiers Rd. To get there travel east on KLO Rd., cross Mission Creek Bridge, and turn right onto Spiers Rd. Then, drive down 300 meters and look left. A road goes into the field, and we are at the far end of the field. You will see a container at the end of the road. If you are coming from Vernon and have room in your truck, I have some bricks and other items to bring to the club in the near future.

Thank you all, see you Saturday,