BCHPA Membership Renewal deadline

BCHPA Membership Renewal deadline.
It is time to renew your BCHPA membership. By renewing before Jan 31st Our club will receive a re-bait to cover your North Okanagan membership.
The BCHPA and to bolster it’s membership They offered a rebate to branch associations by sharing part of the annual membership paid to the BCHPA. This is $10.00 per member as long as the renewal of the beekeeper membership is received before January 31st. For new beekeepers that have not been a member of the BCHPA the cut off date is the end of July.
Membership to the BCHPA is based on how many hives a person has, this keeps the cost down for the hobbyist and makes it so the commercial beekeepers pay a bit more.
Benefits of the club being a BCHPA Branch, the first is you are signed up to receive 4 issues of the BCHPA’s magazine BeesCene and thru your membership you also receive the 2 copies of the Canadian Honey Councils Hive Lights. These 6 issues a year will keep beekeepers informed of what is happening, new developments, new treatments, links to suppliers, reports on honey production and world prices, winter hive losses, report from all areas of the province, reports from bee projects and studies, as well as timely general information on beekeeping and beekeeping technique. Through your member ship you can also buy Liability insurance, Forest fire insurance if you take you hives into forest areas. There are also rolls of nutritional labels in 2 sizes that are available to perches. Discounts to BCHPA sponsored meetings and special education days. If you are in the North Okanagan catchment area Your BCHPA membership also covers your membership in our local bee club North Okanagan Beekeepers Branch.
Signing up is easy. Go to the BCHPA website https://bchoneyproducers.ca/shop/ Add your membership and any other items you want to purchase into your cart and proceed to check out. Here put in your personal contact information and address. If you are in our North Okanagan bee club catchment area, please indicate this in the BCHPA Branch or Affiliate Club box so that our club gets forwarded $10.00 of your membership. Once you are signed up you can send a cheque or pay online thru PayPal with a credit card.
North Okanagan Beekeepers Spring 2023 news.
April spring field day at the club apiary.
We invite members and any that are interested or from other bee clubs to come out and join us as we inspect the colonies at the club’s apiary, to our monthly bee meetings and field days that we host to educate and promote best beekeeping practices. The club also has resources that we will lone or rent out to bee club members. These include a 4-frame extractor or extraction service using the clubs 12 frame apiary extractor. Display materials Teaching hives.