Bee Club Meetings

Bee Meetings 

Due to Covid-19 plus restrictions in place by Dr. Bonnie and the Ministry of Health, our regular meeting venue is not accessible to us at this time. Unfortunately, other venues are not readily available either. We held our September and October meetings outside at our club’s bee yard. In addition, with the cancelation of the BCHPA AGM convention, the executive has put together a series of bee talks that are being presented on Tuesday night’s at 7:00 p.m. We encourage you to join these informative, educational webinars by logging into these talks. I do not see holding our bee club meetings untill spring, when our club members can meet back in the Bee Yard, or if we find a suitable venue to host meetings.

We also have a North Okanagan Group Facebook page that we post events and bee yard meet ups and hive inspections on.


Keith Rae

President: North Okanagan Branch of the BCHPA