Beekeeping Meeting Monday 27th Feb. 7 to 9Pm. Okanagan College Kelowna,

Beekeeping Meeting Monday 27th Feb.
Okanagan College Kelowna,
1000 KLO Rd. Building E
Time: 7:00-9:00 in Room: E309
Our Monday night meeting will be a discussion on spring management. Transitioning our overwintered colonies into spring. Assessing colonies and aiding the weaker ones. Cleaning out hives that did not make it thru winter and assessing what possible causes might be. we can discuss strategies for splitting surviving colonies to replacing winter losses from your surviving own stock.
We will have a discussion on holding a spring fields day, and what topics you would like to see presented and demonstrated.
Sorry about missing our January meeting but with Okanagan College having their network system and database systems hacked all their systems were taken off line, Email, Phone, Online booking system. for over 3 week there was no way to contact the department I needed except in person and even then there was little that they could do for us. This meeting was pushed back 1 week due to last Monday being a long weekend.
Thanks and hopefully see you there.