Have you been affected economically from January’s Deep Freeze? Deadline for notification that you want to use the program is April 30th!!!

Below is info on AgriStability that could possibly be used by those beekeepers who are missing out on income from pollination of cherries and other soft fruits because of the January deep freeze. It is a chance to recover some of your lost income! https://mailchi.mp/262a6344a49a/september-update-agm-news-16939895?e=87392ec964

Bee Club Apiary Final removal of supers and Honey Extraction. as well as Mite treatment Field Day.

Bee Club Honey Extraction Day.PART 2 Saturday August 20th 10:00 Am to Late 7:00 Pm. We will be pulling supers of honey and extracting them. We are meeting up in the bee yard. Saturday August 20th. starting at about 10:00 to 7:00. We will cover different options for removing bees from the supers from shake Read More …