Suppliers & Bees

Queen Bees and Queen Cells

Api Culture Hautes-Laurentides inc. – Queen bees, Canadian northern stock bred in Napa Valley CA in the spring “Pope Canyon Queens, LLC.” and in Quebec “ApiCulture H-L Inc.” for summer and fall queens, both productions are with Anicet’s selected stock – 4 Frame nucs. Phone 819-587-4825

Bees Incorporated –  Queens, Bees, Honey and Beekeeping Courses – Vic Macdonald, 357 Providence Ave., Kelowna, BC V1W 4Y7  Tel: 250-764-1825  Email:

Bill’s Honey FarmBREEDERS CIRCLE  & PRACTICAL BEE COURSE in KELOWNA is a group of local beekeepers’ who specialize in keeping Vernon stock bees and their continuous Improvements. READ SUCCESSFUL BEEKEEPING  WE produce ARTIFICIAL SWARMS that are shaken directly into the customers’ equipment. – We have Nucs, & Full-size hives. We will also have our Vernon Queens cells & caged virgins available in late May and mated Queens & splits in June.                                                                                      Phone/Fax 1-250-762- 8156  (include your own phone number so I can call you back. -Thank you Bill)

Pacific Queens hybrid Italian queens from CHILE. Selected for hygienic behavior and pollen production. Available JANUARY through MAY.  Contact Alejandra and Francisco Rey for more information.

Saskatraz Queens Mite tolerant, disease tolerant traits from Saskatraz Hybrid Project breeding quality, hardy, Canadian queen bee stock. Phone 306-373-9140

Package bees, Nucleus Colonies, Mason bees

Brad Armstrong – Buckfast Bees – Nucleus colonies from Okanagan stock. Spring 2021. Gentle to work with, good honey producers, winter hardy. World-famous Buckfast Bees by Brother Adam, Buckfast Abbey.  Contact: Brad Armstrong 250-870-7235 or email:  Supply will be limited.

Mark McPhail ** (250) 718-3028 after 6:00 p.m.

Carol Harvey ** (250) 317-4916 -Inspected nucs for sale in spring of 2021

BC Bee Supply – Queen bees and nucleus colonies. Vancouver BC. Phone 236-888-1484

Early Queen Arrivals – Queen bees from Australia, Chile and California – Quality service and reasonable pricing for early season splits, re-queening or pollination needs. Summer nucs available. Phone 613-395-3225

Stanabbey Bee Supplies Matériel Apicole – Queen bees, nucleus colonies and package bees. Les reines, les abeilles en paquets ou ruchette à nucléus. St-Stanislas de Kostka, QC. Phone 450-373-7535

Urban Bee Supplies and Education – Package bees and mason bees available. Vancouver BC. Phone 778-990-2176


Beekeeping Supplies

9 Hives – Extensive selection of beekeeping equipment and supplies at affordable prices. Sourcing locally whenever possible.      Phone 250-212-8815

BC Bee Supply – Quality products at affordable prices. Beekeeping supplies and equipment. We buy and sell beeswax, bee pollen and propolis. Phone 236-888-1484

Bee Maid – Bottoms · Covers · Foundation. Frame Rests · Frame Spacer Rests · Frames. Inner Covers · Misc Hive Equipment.         Pollen & Propolis Traps. Queen Excluders 1-800-213-6131

Bill’s Honey Farm – Home of the MiteGone Formic Acid Treatment  –  Organic treatment for mites and more in filled, ready to use kits.   WEBSITE:        2910 Glenmore Road North Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA V1V 2B6   1-250-762-8156

Dominion and Grimm – Honey containers for all your needs including glass bears, hex jars, plastic squeeze skeps, honey bears, tubs and pails. Phone 1-877-676-1914

Mann Lake – beekeeping supplies, bee hive kits and components, protective clothing, queen rearing equipment & beekeeping tools (800) 880-7694

Medivet Pharmaceuticals– Innovative products for honey bee health including antibiotics, parasitic mite acaricides, and honey bee management products. Phone 403-652-4441

Okanagan Bee Hives – New Flow™ Hive is available. Beehive woodenware, manufactured in Armstrong, B.C. We specialize in insulated and backyard hive products but have a complete line of Langstroth products. We have developed a hybrid “Okanagan Top Bar Hive”, with innovative Langstroth features. Contact us online or call Greg at 250-546-6177.

Okanagan Beekeeping Supplies – We offer a complete line of beekeeping equipment and accessories. Woodenware, frames and foundation, protective clothing, tools, queen rearing supplies, medications… In late May we have locally produced Nucleus Colonies available, virgin queens available in early June. We offer complete assembly and wax dipping of woodenware (No painting required). 250-212-4847, or 250- 718-4987

Planet Bee Honey Farm and Meadery – School tours, observation hive, books and treasures of the hive including honey, pollen, propolis and natural health products. Phone 250-542-8088

Urban Bee Supplies and Education – Bee supplies and beekeeping equipment for the urban beekeeper and courses too.            Phone 778-990-2176

Robertson Mountain Harvest – Grindrod BC * German-made Ambrosia fondant*  (bee feed) Orlando Robertson – 25 lb box $60 or $50 per box + taxes for a minimum order of 30 boxes. Please call 306-501-3202

Bill’s Honey Farm – Home of the MiteGone Formic Acid Treatment 2910 Glenmore Road North Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA V1V 2B6 Phone/Fax 1-250-762-8156 (the best way to reach me is by phone Pacific Standard Time. Email: (include your phone number so I can call you back) Website: