Vacancy: Apiary Inspector North OK / Shuswap / Thompson-Nicola

F orward Email from Paul van Westendrop
To: Beekeeper Associations

Re: Vacancy: Apiary Inspector North OK / Shuswap / Thompson-Nicola

Kevin Hamilton has indicated that he will not continue as Apiary Inspector of the North Okanagan / Shuswap / Thompson-Nicola regions for the 2023 season. We are now seeking candidates to fill the position early next year and before April 01.

This part-time seasonal position is largely self-managed with minimal supervision. It involves travel, beekeeper meetings and requires technical knowledge and good communication skills. If any of your members feel they meet those expectations and enjoy travelling the countryside, I invite them to contact me by email for further information.

In case you are aware of individuals that would qualify and be interested in this position, please pass this information on to them.


Paul van Westendorp
Provincial Apiculturist
British Columbia